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happy, sad, out and about, always in transit, plotting the next adventure.

likes: bikram yoga - pabst blue ribbon - shellfish - chocolate covered strawberries - scotch - hippies - ballet - laughter - hiking - giant sunglasses - honey(mustard) - sand(bars)&snow - live music - russian dressing - frisbee golf - public libraries - horses&dogs - road trips - maps - shutting off my phone - sunday ny times - getting pinned - central park - sleeping in a tent - temperpedic mattresses - man hands.

dislikes: non-bikram yoga, people reading over my shoulder, people who use giant golf umbrellas, lack of patience, prudishness, people who block the entryway to boarding a plane when clearly his or her row hasn't been called, times square, not having a GPS, steak fries, bad make-out sessions, exclusion, LA traffic, having no cell signal, persistent negativity, and goodbyes.

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