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  1. Pegged Gaga Perfectly.
  2. Nonfalsifiability is actually not consideed good. I also don't see why people woudl want to cast the whole "Reason' buit out, as often rhose who rpaise it dn't actually use it.
  3. O blame it on the A-A-A-A-A-Al-Co-Hol!
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    I am Kilroy.
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  6. This is Amazing. In fact, I just wanted to hear the song when I found your video and didn't even realise this wasn't the original version. I must say, I am impressed. You have a very talented voice.
  7. Bravisimo!
  8. He's actually rather a dissapointment. I live int he US, and still say as my opld heritage notes, God Save The Queen. You can keep the Politicians.