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    Reverend Lucius Walker IFCO

    by Kurt Johnson

    5 Videos

    Human Rights Leader speaks in Milwaukee

  2. 02:23:48


    by Kurt Johnson

    15 Videos

    Video work done by GriffinsRealm Video Productions

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    John Nichols

    by Kurt Johnson

    2 Videos

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    Michael Ratner- 9/11 Civil Liberties, War and Hope

    by Kurt Johnson

    3 Videos

    Michael Ratner is a leading U.S. human rights attorney, former president of the Natonal Lawyers Guild and current President of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). CCR has led the legal challenges…

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    Phyllis Bennis,"8 Years In Afghanistan and Why We Should Leave."

    by Kurt Johnson

    2 Videos

    Phyllis Bennis discusses the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan and other foreign policy issues.

  6. 00:00

    Michael Parenti

    by Kurt Johnson

    2 Videos

    Author Michael speaks about Imperialism and the U.S Empire.

  7. 00:00

    Chip Berlet

    by Kurt Johnson

    2 Videos

    Tea Parties, White Rage & Right-Wing Populism

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  9. 09:55

    2014 Waukesha County Executive Awards

    by Kurt Johnson

    4 Videos

    Winners of the 2014 Waukesha County Executive Awards!

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