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Los Angeles, CA

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We are a San Diego-born sketch comedy team founded by four UCSD students who like making poop jokes and then talking about why poop jokes are funny.

We approach comedy from a dada/deconstruction perspective, emphasizing the relationship of the self to humorous situations. Joke dilation, recontextualization, and Verfremdungseffekt are among the tools used by Interrobang to produce its material, drawing on the works of Brecht, Artaud, Lacan, Kant, Heidegger, Duchamp, Chomsky, Martin, Murray, Python, Fry, Laurie, Keaton, Chaplin, Marx, Marx, Marx, and Marx.

Currently the members of Interrobang are pursuing individual projects, but the possibility of a reunion, like the fabled sword of Damocles, always hangs in the air above our heads.

Check out our sketches and short films at We also perform live at various comedy conferences and minor state banquets.

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