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While many students dream of appearing in a Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or Robert Zemeckis film, these directors have actually appeared in a film directed by Cassandra Brooksbank. Her tribute to Dean Elizabeth Daley for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation starred those famous directors among others, and won Brooksbank one of her three Telly Awards. She also won honors for the ads she was commissioned to produce for the Sony Corporation, which premiered at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas. During her college career, Cassie was the General Manager of Trojan Vision, USC’s world famous television station and the Cinema School's Executive Producer for Special
Productions, a position that was created for her. In that role she produced and directed several videos for the school including an award winning film for USC’s Good Neighbor Campaign, which, as part of the charity’s fund raising efforts, was distributed to over 50,000 donors.
Academically, Brooksbank succeed as well. She was one of only 4 students to be selected to direct a prestigious undergraduate thesis film. Upon graduation Brooksbank started Poison Inc. Productions, a company designed to infuse unique perspective and creativity
into film, writing,music, advertising, and multi-platform content. Currently, Brooksbank is working on several commercials and music videos as well as developing her first feature film.

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