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Tom Morretti of Woodstock Records recently described “Yard Sale” as “a talented Hudson Valley trio that has deep roots in the music genre that bred and was echoed by Jerry Garcia, Dylan, and The Band.” He went on to call “Yard Sale” a rare find in the midst of today's new talent, and a “fresh breath of classic Americana.”
The all-acoustic group is characterized by soulful early 20th century style Appalachian vocal harmonies creatively supported by banjo, mandolin, fiddle, washboard, upright bass, guitar, piano, accordion, and other old-timey instruments.

The outfit, formed in 2010, woke up in the midst of the Great Recession and decided that
American audiences longed to hear authentic tales of classic crisis. Yard Sale tunes are
sung from the heart in 3-part harmony with a sense of pride, purpose, and dark humor.
They deal with topics of country-fried angst like drinkin’ and cheatin’ and going for
broke while going broke. But they also invoke the soulful beauty of R&B, the uplifting
anthems of gospel, the lonesome melancholy of bluegrass, and the steamrolling
syncopation of early 20th century riverboat minstrels and hobo jug bands.

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