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South African TV and Film Producers & Official Management for Cortina Pop, Faith Regained and Annica.
Producers of the popular short film 'Drukkersbloed' for the KykNet Silwerskerm Film Festival (September 2012) featuring IIlse Roos, JC Snooke, Karin van der Laag, Anel Alexander, Gustav Gerdener and Eloise Cupido. Currently in post production for their 2013 entry, 'Prinses" starring Bertha le Roux, Adri Britz, Dirk Stoltz, Debre Rossouw, Zelda Roelofs, Jane vd Westhuizen, Juane Vermaak and JC Snooke.

JC and Jennis also produced PRINSES, South Africa's first Afrikaans horror film starring Bertha le Roux, Dirk Stoltz, Debre Rossouw, JC Snooke, Jane vd Westhuizen, Juane Vermaak and Adri Britz

Managers of music groups Cortina, Faith Regained and newcomer ANNICA.


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