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My names is Luca, I'm an Italian student that was pasionate by photography and filmmaking.
I live in MIlan and I try every day to explain and tell my reality to the world through my projects.


  1. DANIELE BARRACO Photography
  2. Profoto
  3. Max Riché
  4. carlos nunez
  5. SuicideGirls
  6. Cooke Optics
  7. Aurum Light / Jaroslav
  8. RED Digital Cinema
  9. Josh Soskin
  10. Niklas Johansson, FSF
  11. Panavision
  12. Sébastien Claudet
  13. SkinShortFilm
  14. Animal Logic
  15. Astray Films
  16. Chris Vongsawat
  17. Francesco Ridolfi
  18. Dolce&Gabbana

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