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The intention of Portal is to allow a movement that is bubbling up in our consciousness a vehicle of expression. The movement or paradigm I speak of contains many different aspects but all point back to a deep desire for higher and higher states of trust, freedom, and connection with ourselves and environment as well our fellow earthlings.

Portal is a entrance into a world beyond boundaries and limitations. It is a challenge to describe what exactly it is due to its multi-dimensional nature. Portal is a word/sound used to point to an experience of letting go. A return to innocence and childlike wonder. In a typical session we collaborate our awareness and intentions to move into a safe, healing, and lasting experiences of therapeutic value. Play is truly the core energy here. The cosmic giggle is the undercurrent of life and tapping into that river can create magic in your life. The physical practice has many forms with roots in acrobatics, yoga and a bit of circus arts. Did you ever have a parent lay on their backs and lift you by placing their feet on your belly/hips? You know the "airplane" game. Well one of the constituents of Portal is “airplane” but taken to another level. The pictures and videos show some of the physical expression. I hope you can see the joy on the faces because that’s what your in for when you choose to step through and trust. Remember your heart is a Portal.

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