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Tom Applegate lives and creates on California's Central Coast. Tom has studied art in Europe and here at home, but he is mainly, and intentionally, self-taught. ”I have made art more of a creative journey as opposed to an education based endeavor. I have always wanted to create what interested me at any particular time. Catching ideas as they come. I work with different media, styles and subjects. Sometimes I want to be in a warm landscape, other times in an abstract world, tweaking things on the computer, making film, or maybe looking a bug-eyed fish in the eye."

When painting, Tom primarily works with oil paints because of their versatility and superior qualities. He rarely does preparatory drawings; preferring spontaneity to planning. He also enjoys mixing his paintings, photography and computer graphics to create very unique mixed media work. As of late he has been combining his images and video to create experimental films.
In addition to creating studio art and film, Tom is also Director of Art for Wildwing Art and Interpretive Service. His latest works for Wildwing are on display at Mesa Verde National Park.

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    Very good! Makes my head hurt thinking about how much work you put into it.