Fabio Anile

Roma - Italy

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I’m a classical trained pianist and keyboardist and in the last 20 years I’ve played in many bands and in different musical contexts.

Music I play can be defined as minimal, ambient, experimental and ranges from atmospheric film style soundtracks to a dark-glitchy ambient music, and sometimes it involves fields recordings.

It's not a pure “wallpaper”, neither a "focused listening" type ambient, rather my music bridges this gap neatly, allowing the listener the choice to be either transported or remain grounded depending on the mood of the day.

Technically, all I play is looped, electronically recycled and treated on the fly in a constant balance between improvisation and fixed musical ideas. Differently from a traditional approach, “live looping” tech allows a musician to clone himself and interact with his own music in real time. So that the act of playing and composing music happen at the same time, offering a different experience both to the performer and the listener.

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