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I am entrepreneur and filmmaker. I run SVAD Productions, a creative advertising agency that works exclusively with video. I am the director of the documentary film Black Friday.

After completing university with a focus in design I worked on a feature film in Ireland and fell in love with the film industry. In 2010 I directed the documentary film Black Friday. It’s about the quest for happiness in a season buried in commercialism. As a first-time feature film director I found out that the road is long and winding. After filming Black Friday in 2010 the film was put on hold due to funding. This year, I and a core group of friends are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funding to complete the film.

I have a love for travel, exploring, and business ideas. I live with my brilliant and inspiring wife Lucky in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you're in Chattanooga hit me up and we'll go climbing/hiking/sailing/cycling.


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