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Born in Atlanta Georgia, Thomas moved to Berkeley at a young age. Growing up with a fondness of pictures such as star wars and Indiana Jones Thomas was convinced at an early age that he wanted to work in film. By the time Thomas had reached collage he had already directed several short films on hie own and had worked as a production assistant on several professional projects. During Thomas’s Education at California State University of Monterey Bay, he Found a passion for the challenges and rewards of film editing after cutting together several of his classmates films as well as his own. in the summer of 2007 thomas took his Brought his Talents to the bay area, Interning for San Francisco Government tv as an editor and camera operator.
Graduating CSUMB’s Teledramatic Arts and Technology program, cum laude and with destination Thomas Returned to the bay area, working as a freelance video editor for a variety of clients ranging form corporations to video company. During the summer of 2008 Thomas edited At The Cross roads, a short documentary that earned the 2009 Bronze Telly Award for Not-for-Profit/Charitable video. Since then Thomas has gone one to edit a unique brand of MTV style magic training videos for
When Thomas is not working on his various media project you can find him rock climbing with his twin brother or seeking out adventure with his other friends.


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  1. Seth Warren commented on Christmas Day
    Thomas, met you at Great Western the other night. I enjoyed this piece! You did a fine job of capturing the joy of climbing; I don't always see that in the bouldering films that other fellas put together. Well done sir.