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Brad Lamm is an author, educator and interventionist best known for helping people make life-enhancing change on The Dr. OZ Show.
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Brad is the Founder and CEO of Change Institute and Intervention Specialists, a crisis intervention group helping family and friends enable a resistant loved one to make change using his “invitational” intervention method whereby the loved one is invited to his or her own intervention.

In 2008 Brad founded Change Institute to help inform and inspire folks to live better, lighter lives through weight loss and smoking cessation programs. Brad believes that a circle of friends and family is uniquely poised to offer support, accountability and structure from a beginning point of love and honesty –- no matter how broken-down or discouraged they may feel.

Highly motivated and with long-term recovery himself, Brad’s teaching style is no-nonsense and accessible, blending hope with the dynamic nature of his work. Previously a network-affiliate news anchor, his TV work today centers on his role as a regular on The Dr. OZ Show. He is a Creator and Producer of the new series “Addicted to Food” on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network).

His books include:
- How to Change Someone You Love (2009)
- How to Help the One You Love (2010)
- JUST 10: Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (2011)
- BLUEPRINT TO QUIT: Smoking (June 2012)

Brad lives in NYC with his family.

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