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Harlem,New York

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Farrah Burns, Harlem based New York Hip Hop Narrator is giving a true meaning to the New Harlem Renaissance. She resurrects the art of storytelling, with an organic backdrop infused with jazz, afro-beat, funk, rock and Hip Hop. Criss crossing in between genres effortlessly leaving you on the edge of your seat thinking why haven't I discovered her sooner. Her voice alone will shake the very musical foundation you stand on, as it only takes but a few seconds to realize that Farrah Burns is indeed a True Master of Ceremony. Her 1st Album Oval Metal ( Available on itunes) landed her the Underground Music Awards for Best Female Rapper. Since then she's released "Shot Gun Wedding" (Produced by Kurser Fabrice) a autobiographical story about dealing with color complexes within her own Family. The video paints a vivid picture while shedding light on taboo topics that people rarely discuss.

Originally born in Miami, Florida but moved to New York during grammer school, she would always point to a map of New York City and say "I'm going to live inside that apple one day". She majored in Anthropology and decided to incoporate the same philosophies in her new company I Speak Fluent Hip Hop aim to preserve the Hip Hop culture by not allowing the language to die. She pays homage to her roots in her first Directorial debut by re-creating the classic hit record in 1992 "Cool Like That" by Digable Planets. " Digable Planets encouraged me to create on the outer perimeters of my own imagination. The day I heard Digable Planets was the very day I fell in love with Hip Hop, my loyalty and love has never wavered". Farrah made a guest appearance on AZ new release "Jodeci Back " off the "Last of Dieing Breed" album featuring Nas, Scarface, Kool G Rap. She received a co-sign from Nas when she released a tribute to Hip Hop over the classic "New York State of Mind" track were she plays seven different Characters each representing an element of Hip Hop from Hardcore, Westcoast, Underground, Conscious, Mainstream, Abstract and Eastcoast. As one of the first Hip-Hop Artist to be featured on Ebony magazine (introducing) writes " Farrah Boulé Burns has the best lips in Hip-Hop. Her sexy pout merits it's own paragraph , but what spills from those lips is even more deserving. Like a one women Wu-Tang Clan, she flips her style 14 times under five minutes and collapses the project's macro concept in micro"

She is a Mistress of Ceremony hosting live performances all throughout the city including Red Rooster Harlem/ Ginny's SupperClub. Introducing Grammy Award winning musicians and Artist from all over the world such as Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Tain Watts, Vernon Reid (A living Color), Simphiwe Dana and countless more. Headlining with a full band and sharing stages with her musical counterparts such as Ghostface Killah, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Black Thought, Pharoah Monch, Amel Larrieux, Bilal, Talib Kweli etc. She is a Narrator, Confessor, Visionary and Director who's carving her place in music history.

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