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Lexington, Kentucky

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We're a media house from Brooklyn, New York specializing in High Definition Production with High End Results. Now based in the Bluegrass, we continue to work with clients from all over the world. Working in Film and Video in multiple formats whether it's Feature, Short, Documentary or Commercial, we tell stories. What's yours?


  1. Joshua Overbay
  2. Stewart Schuster
  3. Daniel Chase Peach
  4. Philip Bloom
  5. Bullhorn
  6. Sarah Wylie VanMeter
  7. RED Digital Cinema
  8. Courage Media
  9. Ian Fyffe Friley
  10. jason epperson
  11. Ryan Koo
  12. The Nashville Film Institute
  13. Isaiah 40 Films
  14. CUFF 2012
  15. Joey Shanks
  16. KK Apple
  17. Bryan Pugh
  18. Paul Cain

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