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  1. 19:11

    Hotel Promotional Films

    by Alexander Duncan

    13 Videos

    Promotional films for some charming hotels around the UK.

  2. 00:00


    by Alexander Duncan

    2 Videos

    All other types of videos

  3. 00:00

    Short Films

    by Alexander Duncan

    3 Videos

    Student short films from The Arts Institute at Bournemouth

  4. 03:06

    Tell All My Friends

    by Alexander Duncan

    3 Videos

    Videos made for experience sharing website tellallmyfreinds.com

  5. 00:00

    Viva Voucher

    by Alexander Duncan

    5 Videos

    Videos made for Viva Voucher

  6. 07:30

    Web Promos

    by Alexander Duncan

    11 Videos

    Videos for companies' websites

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