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Chicago, IL

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Stephanie Tisza is a time-based artist and former educator. She grew up in a working class neighborhood on the Southwest Side of Chicago. At age 6 she learned how to ride a bike and subsequently ran away from home for several hours. Someday, she wants to live on a houseboat.

In her early 20s she studied experimental filmmaking under James Benning at CalArts in Valencia, California before working in Hollywood for a few years as a creative assistant to various producers and directors like Vincent Gallo (Buffalo '66) and Don Murphy (Natural Born Killers). Tiring of this, she moved to Chicago to teach filmmaking at the high school and collegiate level.

Stephanie's work is motivated by an interest in the aesthetics of place, voyeurism and intimacy. Her work has been shown internationally in galleries, film festivals & screening programs. Her most recent exhibitions include Chicago Underground Film Festival, Dallas VideoFest and International House Philadelphia. She enjoys collaborating with musicians and has recently created videos for Nike, Girl Group Chicago and Charlie Deets.

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