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Horses Heaven is music that tells a traveling love story. It is a melodic description of time spent together and a documentation of adventures that inspire by taking the listener on a sweet, soulful, and honest journey. Bijou Choder and Analise Lofaro mix their words and voices to create a story that is not only heard but also felt.

In the early days of their romance, the couple began writing music together. This connection grew into a deep love and subsequently, Horses Heaven. Both having an extensive and unique background in entertainment, they inspired each other to create a new sound and begin a fresh chapter in their musical endeavors.

The couple took their sound to the studio and gave it life, building around simple songs written on either guitar, piano, or ukelele. Then they gave the songs "studio treatment" with horns, synths, and whatever else walked in that day.

In the lush wilderness of Vermont, there sits an enchanting place called Horses Heaven, which is a deep emerald swimming hole nestled between two towering boulders and found far from town. While visiting this majestic location one humid summer afternoon, Bijou and Analise were inspired to write their song "Vermont" as well as adopt the name of the swimming hole for their collaborations.

“We hope our music cuts the mustard for you as much as it does for us.”
xo. A.