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Born and breed in the Lakes but now a Yorkshire love!

Motivation: try hard...all the time, becasue life is pointless if you don't. Nearly as pointless as climbing!


  1. Dave Sutcliffe
  2. niky_ceria
  3. Tops Off 4POWER
  4. Matthew Birch
  5. Finisterre
  6. Wild Country
  7. Jen Randall, Light Shed Pictures
  8. Bearcam Media
  9. Paul Robinson
  10. beastmaker.co.uk
  11. callum coldwell-storry
  12. Shauna Coxsey
  13. James Turnbull
  14. Gašper Bratina
  15. Roddy Mackenzie
  16. Outwild TV
  17. Patrick Taylor
  18. Jan Hojer

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  1. Wish i could do half of these climbs!!