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Shenzhen Grepow battery Co.,Ltd, brand named Gens-ace, specializing in manufacturing Lithium polymer and NiMh batteries.
Gens-ace has good reputation in American and European RC model hobby market. Besides, Gens-ace also have special batteries (high energy density with a certain C-rate ) only for UAVs, and receive a very good feedback.
Now, Gens-ace will also extend its professional Lithium polymer batteries to electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric motorcycles and any other electric vehicles. Different with some other companies, Gens-ace focus more on solutions. Once you could tell what battery you want, then we could design the most reliable batteries. All primary LiFePO4 and LNCM cells are manufacturing by ourselves, so that we could control the quality of the battery very well. Basing on this point, for our lithium polymer batteries of electric vehicles, our battery cells are very good. Besides, our engineers also research some advanced cells packing technologies for electric vehicles, such as excellent soldering technology, good heat dissipation method and so on.
Last, as a high technology lithium polymer and NiMh manufacturer, Grepow have advanced technology for manufacturing Lithium polymer and NiMh batteries. For instance, For Lithium batteries, manufacturing 2.5mm thickness lithium polymer cells for some portable device could be one of our strength. For NiMh batteries, manufacturing high temperature NiMh batteries for lights could be one of our strength too.


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