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Athens, Greece

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To continuously evolve into a better, higher-skilled character animator with experiences and character, that will be built up through the co-working with talented people who share deep respect for the art and the industry.
Constantine Krystallis is a professional 3D Character animator with generalist skills and high regard to detail and precision.He is able to give tasteful character and personality to animated and inanimate objects. Proficient at balancing key-frames and pushing vertices as well as making precise (almost) brush-strokes on a tablet. Cheerful, multitasking, focused and diligent. Realist but optimist.
Work experience in the areas Games Development and Advertising. Previous work includes: being part of the team for the development and release of Darkfall online, by Aventurine SA. Mostly involved but not limited to creature animations and Video Effects. Producing animations for Iphone applications with RockPocket SA. Working for promotional projects for clients like Nestle, 3M, Henkel, Nescafe, Buondi, Diageo.

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