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Senior producer - I have over 18 yrs experience in production for TV commercials and corporate sectors.

With my wealth of experience in production and post production, I am a versatile and diligent producer, committed to achieving excellence whilst at the same time honouring deadlines and working under pressure. I pride myself with acute attention to detail, whilst delivering a first class service to all my clients, all with professionalism and a sense of humour which has cultivated great working relationships over the years. I have developed a large contact list of both direct clients and advertising agency key personnel and retained strong relationships with them over the years.

Having begun my career running at Tall Order Productions, I quickly moved on to assistant producer acquiring on the way the skills of production budgeting, scheduling, contracts, BACC/Clearcast and BBFC & CAA admin, all pre-prod, shoot & post production disciplines. After joining Sound & Picturehouse I progressed to senior producer and have produced numerous National & Regional TV commercials, long form programmes for broadcast, corporate films, web promos and virals. I have directed many shoots and shot hundreds of times using HDV Cameras

I now manage video production at Top Banana, who specialise in Regional, National & Global Leadership & Management Events…most of which require video content.

Specialties: Quick turn around low budget commercials through to complex high-end productions. Great with clients, cast & crew.

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