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Greetings, Gamers! I am Michael Hayes, but most just call me the "Haze-man". I have been working in game development for almost 6 years now. I started out doing fan game s in my garage, then went on to work on indie games for the Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DSi. My previous game, "Antipole" was featured in the Summer Royal Indie Bundle of 2013.

I am currently working on my own brainchild, Maya Breaker, a homage to the best 16-bit games I played on the SNES as a kid. You are given a grappling hook that will enable you to climb and swing. You can also use it to toss objects and enemies. The only goal is to survive and make it back to the surface, but the journey is a long and heartrending one, told without text bubbles or dialog. It combines the best parts of Super Metroid with Super Casltevania IV.

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