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I am a graduated of the Cinema School at National University of Colombia. I also made studies in the cinema section of the HEAD in Geneva. I am actually doing sociologie studies in the University of Lausanne.

I have worked for many years in television while at same time I have been developing independent experimental projects.

I am speacially attracted to the non-fiction cinema.


  1. David Raboy
  2. Amr Abdelhadi
  3. Luis Martínez
  4. Don Mister / Manuel Contreras
  6. Andres Cuartas
  7. Oleg Litvin
  8. //Felipe Meneses//
  9. Efrain Tarriba
  10. Felipe Vargas
  11. Violeta Ospina
  12. Lyta Te Ve
  13. Varela
  14. Diego Piñeros Garcia
  15. Hache