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I have been a Musician since the age of 12 when I first played my 1st paying gig on the drums in a Rock Band. I did this until I was 18.I went to College to get me Degree in Business/Accounting. Well that just wasn't for me. I then took off for Hollywood,CA where I attended a school/studio that taught Audio/Video Engineering/Production. I finished 1st in class and went on to work at some of the top Recording Studios in the greater Los Angeles area. I did this for 6 years until digital recording came along and made Hollywood a ghost town. I left there in 1992 and went to Disney Records where I worked until I received my 1st pay check and realized that I could not even pay my way to live in Orlando,FL on that kind of Money. I then went to Nashville,TN where I was basically told I was over qualified. I then returned to my home town in NC where I began designing recording studios which I loved to do. I also purchased all the equipment for these studios and now I am the VP of a Music Publication company!! I also love computer software and repairing computers. Life is good now but I hear Hollywood calling me back.


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