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Oakland, Ca

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I'm a movement based interdisciplinary artist, curator and the founder of the Chicago based Moving Stories Performance Ensemble, an interdisciplinary performance and teaching collective. I returned to the Bay Area from Chicago in 2007 where I enjoyed a rich artistic life in Chicago’s hallowed fringe performance scene. I have created numerous original solo and ensemble works including my most recent site-specific works in front of the Strand theater in San Francisco and at the corner of Alcatraz and College in Berkeley. Other works include "Avocado and Eggs" in the House Special residency at ODC Theater and "23" at the MilkBar in 2011. In 2010 "Alphabrick", which originated in ODC’S Pilot program and toured to Chicago’s Rhinofest and the Illinois State Museum. Other evening length works include "Simple Circulation", "Sacred Geometry", "Underwater Football", "Alphabet-Obit", "Alphabet Report", "Labyrinth Tales" and "High Heeled Bricks". Bay area and Chicago performance venues include ODC theater, the Marsh, InterPlayce, The Garage, The Exit Theater, 450 Geary, CounterPulse, The Milk Bar, Link’s Hall, Lunar Cabaret, Chicago Cultural Center, the Terra Museum of Art, the Blue Rider, the MCA and the Prop Thtr. Caffey has also been a member of Oakland based WingIt! Performance Ensemble since 1995.

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