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Writer/Director of independent plays and films that have played at various festivals in The States. His first short "Saffron Burrows" starred actress Anna Faris and played at The New York and Los Angeles Film Festivals. After producing plays and running a black box theater in Jacksonville for three years, Mike returned to film with Damian Lahey ("Cocaine Angel") on two more shorts and ventured into music video. His collaboration with producer Jon Shepard of IMG for indy darlings Crash The Satellites resulted in the sublime "Pretty Knees" ... vimeo.com/7435269 ... To date, Mike is working with award-winning filmmaker Pat Barry ("Veer!") for upcoming projects under their Blue Llama Productions umbrella. And with "Saffron Burrows" partner-in-crime, Alec Whittle, "How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville, Florida" was a finalist for TheFIlmSchool (Tom Skerritt, Stewart Stern) annual screenplay competition this past year where it performed in the historic Act Theater of Seattle.


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