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WE ARE LEVEL is a young, indie apparel brand.

WE ARE LEVEL is a small UK company, set up from the frustration of generic action-sport clothing companies flooding the market and diluting our individual style, with mass produced T-shirts, made with out love, care or attention! We're riders designing for riders, if it's got wheels on it we will be taking a trip to A&E on it! Its a understatement to say we love what we do here.

We're not owned by a big corporate with shareholders to please with targets and earnings, and we never will be! Its not about how much money we can make! but how we make it! by doing what we love is enough. We only use the finest 100% combed cotton, the perfect cut and the best inks to produce our Handprinted T-shirts, this means they are all unique, and will look great for years to come.

At WE ARE LEVEL towers, we design, print, sew, package and send, all in house. Every print is unique, and because we limit our runs to 100 tee's It's very rare to find someone in the same WE ARE LEVEL killer tee! It also means we are consistently designing new tees on a weekly basis. By not constricting ourselves to the Season's, we are creating a brand that is always progressing as quick as trends change, and bringing the customers back to see our latest offerings.

WE ARE LEVEL was originally conceived 4 years ago, in that time we have been planning, researching, building, designing and working our fingers to the bone to build up enough funds to finance our dream. That was Jan 09. Since then its been a blur of 20 hour days, long weekends and repetitive strain injuries! Since Jan, we have built up a core network that love the exclusivity we can offer.

We have four Team members (BMX/DH) but are always scouting. Things are progressing really well here, and we are looking to hook up a deal with a few select retailers to, well share the love of course! If you own a shop, work there or are just a regular please give us a bell, we would love to arrange a meeting with you, so we can talk about what you need from us, and what we can do for you. Please feel free to call the studio on 020 3239 4639.

P.S. Our packaging is killer too!


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