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Bassem Yousri is an Egyptian artist born in Algeria in December of 1980 and raised in Cairo where he got his bachelor degree in Painting from the School of Fine Arts at Helwan University. After his graduation, he worked, for two years, as a textile designer in one of Egypt’s fashion companies, Mobaco Cottons. His experience in fashion inspired him to apply for a Fulbright Arts Grant to accomplish a project that aims to incorporate the concepts of fashion designing with painting. He got the grant and came to Philadelphia - USA in January 2006 where he took some classes in fashion designing at Drexel University and then had an internship at Diane von Furstenberg in New York. After the completion of his Fulbright grant, Yousri started his graduate study at Tyler School of Art - Temple University. He got his MFA in Painting in May 2009. His most recent work is the design and execution of a large mural in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and he’s getting ready to move to Berkeley, California to start a 6 months fellowship at Kala Art Institute.

Yousri’s work has gone through a major shift in the last couple years after he got interested in digital filmmaking and experimental video. He created a few experimental shorts as well as a 40 min long documentary titled Keep Recording and plans to finish his second long documentary titled Still Recording during his residency in California.

Since 2000, Yousri has participated in several collective shows in Cairo and in Philadelphia. He had three solo shows in Philadelphia; at the Leonard Pearlstein art gallery - Drexel University in 2006, at the Knapp Gallery in September 2008, and his Thesis show at Tyler School of Art in March 2009.

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