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Graduate of BSc(Hons) Outside Broadcasting Production Operations from Southampton Solent University, July 2012. Whilst working I also look to build successful relationships with my fellows alongside striving to achieve the aims and goals of the day. I have always had a keen interesting in supporting others and providing services where they are needed. I am also very helpful, self-motivated, practically orientated and reliable.

Broadcast/Technical Skills:

Experience in construction of short and medium term broadcast video systems.

Experience in operating with mobile outside broadcast vehicles.

Experience in operation system cameras such as the Sony DXC-D50 and the Ikegami HL-59W.

Experience in operation of shoulder mounted and handheld cameras such as Panasonic’s AG-HPX371E, AG-HPX171E, AG-HMC151 and Cannon EOS 7D.

Experience in operating in multiple environments and weather states.

Editing experience with Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X.

Basic video studio and green screen/chroma key separation lighting.

Basic sound recording with Sound Devices MixPre-D portable mixers and Zoom H4n recorders.

Experience in digital cinema technologies such as Barco DP2K-12C digital cinema projectors, Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP750 and software control packages such as Dolby Theater Management System.

Specialties:Television Camera Operator, Editing, Stage Lighting,


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