Douglas Steel

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Douglas Steel, Ph.D. is the founder of iE (, which is the artistic extension of DaVinci’s Workshop ( The two entities have a loose affiliation. In his capacity as Creative Director of DaVinci’s , Doug identifies unmet needs in the field of non-invasive medical devices, and brings together a diverse range of existing technologies to create an integrated device or platform that solves that problem or meets the need. Such technologies might be licensed from a University, accessed through a co-development agreement with another company, purchased in the marketplace, or cobbled together in-house. If the market is favourable, the platform or device is out-licensed or spun out as a separate company. At iE, Doug and the team utilize a similar approach to develop immersive and interactive installations that combine art and science. We are very interested in collaborating to create immersive, transcendent installations that are delightful.

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