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Chris Ullens is a Belgian director born in wonderful 1980. He lives and works in London.

He loves his wife, stop-motion, the beauty in human error and anything playful. With all that and a few awards, he will happily ever after continue experimenting with his multi-disciplinary background in order to find fresh, new, weird and exciting projects.


  1. Golden Wolf
  2. Specky Studio
  3. The Great Nordic Sword Fights
  4. Ben Wheele
  5. Jordan Bruner
  6. collectif HOTU
  7. Raymond McCarthy Bergeron
  8. J-Scott
  9. ChezEddy
  10. Full Time Hobby
  11. Parabella
  12. BRUTUS collective
  13. Hamish Lambert
  14. olivier lescot
  15. Oliver's Island
  16. Drew Christie
  17. Charlotte Arene
  18. Bradley Schaffer

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