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Jay Deragon’s professional career includes providing strategic management consulting practices for Fortune 500 companies as well as local small businesses. He has consulted with numerous industries spanning over 25 years of professional experience globally.

His current professional endeavors are all centric to the disruptive nature of the social web. He writes at Relationship Economy and provides social media strategic services to businesses large and small..

He is Co-Author, of The Emergence of The Relationship Economy” released in January of 08 and can be accessed here

Tthe forward to this book was written by Doc Searls, Co-Author of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Doc Searls is a Berkman Fellow and co-author of the business best-seller “The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual”

Jay Deragon is also an author of a second book titled “Socialutions: The Emergence of New Management Methods“.

Collage of ExposureHis blog, The Relationship Economy, is rated within the top 150 blogs rated by Advertising Age. He is an international speaker and has conducted in excess of 100 seminars on a variety of topics.

His blog has over 180,000 visitors, over 7,000 comments, instilled 6,000 retweets, ranked in the top 50,000 sites in the USA and ranked top 100,000 in the world.

He is noted as featured blogger in Business Weeks Business Exchange four times, chosen as Blogger of the month by Social Media Today, ranked in Advertising Age Power 150 and ranked top 100 blogs in The Daily Reviewer. He is a contributing columnist in Personal Branding Magazine, serves on Business Weeks Market Advisory Board. He is a featured blogger at New Media Hires, Content Management Connections and AlwaysOn. He has spoken at dozens of media events and corporate conferences, produced dozens of videos with Social Media Connections, published two books and five white papers.

His formal education started at the University of Maine with continued education credits at Dartmouth College, Penn State and the University of Wisconsin. He is certified in the following disciplines: Quality Engineer, Quality Function Deployment, Advanced Risk Management, Statistical Process Control, Hoshin Kanri, D.I.S.C Instructor, Organizational Change Management and Strategic Planning.

To learn more about his professional life you can review his Linkedin profile here.

email: jay.deragon@gmail.com

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