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  1. music

    by lindsey b joined

    21 Videos / 14 Members

  2. INDIgroove

    by INDIgroove joined

    11 Videos / 13 Members

  3. The Creative Circle

    by Hue Henry joined

    5 Videos / 10 Members

    The Creative Circle is a place where resources and information can be exchanged....exposure will be obtained...contacts will be gained....to insuring that creativity in the world is maintained.

  4. Activism

    by Robin Livingston joined

    173 Videos / 52 Members

  5. Charity and non-profit videos

    by British Red Cross joined

    3,457 Videos / 1,229 Members

  6. The Homeless Group

    by Matheus Siqueira joined

    48 Videos / 49 Members

    A group for sharing documentaries, films, and other media material about people in homeless situation. Let's help to give a world panorama of the homeless in different countries and discuss solutions,…

  7. Social Justice

    by Homeless Drew joined

    377 Videos / 170 Members

    A group where people interested in social justice and film making can watch vimeo users films about important issues. Feel free to join the group to check out some of the videos and promote social…

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