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Born in Sussex, England in 1972. Exactly seven years later I got my first camera. With fifty percent of the family already accomplished artists I chose the path of least competition and opted for science and academia. After four years studying Ecology and Conservation at Sussex University and a few more years in a creative wilderness I returned to the realm of visual media by pursuing a career in the film industry. Currently working as a freelance Director of Photography I have always maintained photography as an active part of my career. The rest of the time I spend with horses.

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  1. Hay there S. Kahn! Actually we are just a couple of days from actually releasing the film onto the interwebs. We've got a tiny bit of website tweaking to do but if you're really keen you can go right ahead and watch it now : ) http://www.allthegoldyoucane
  2. I reeeeally want to see this. Please let it come out.