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LaMeque "Brynal" McAllister is a Gospel Recording Artist, songwriter, wife of one husband and four children. She is a First Lady but most of all she is a worshipper from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with a smooth sounding voice that moves you.
Brynal has enjoyed singing since she was a little girl. At the age nine Brynal was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. While a young member in her church, her brother and she would sing duets together, songs like: Lord Don't Move My Mountain and Oh Happy Day. At the age of eleven she began to sing at Bethlehem Temple Church. There, Brynal immediately go involved in the Music and Art Department. She has also sung in many choirs and a group name Judah. As Brynal Blossomed into a young lady, her vocal quality and style set her apart.
Brynal is also a pianist and worship leader of House of Gospel Ministries 2151 Wilner Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. Brynal doesn't mind being called a "gospel artist", for she believes that her voice is just another instrument to worship the Almighty God with. Brynal is anticipating her debut album "New Day: All or Nothing' she prays that someone would be touched and changed for the better while listening to the songs that God has given her.
Her music is being played over the radio and internet, and she has also had several television appearances. Brynal endeavors to become one of gospel's well-known artist, so she can touch the lives of many people. "It's not about me; It's all about Jesus." That's one of the many things she learned from her mother-in-law, the late great First Lady Gloria McAllister.

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