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Every year, there are people that are wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes that they did not commit. The truth of their innocence is suppressed, their voices silenced and they suffer with the social condemnation. Their lives, and their family’s lives, are shattered as they struggle with emotional and financial ruin.

America’s Wrongfully Convicted’s goal is to expose the compelling evidence that has been intentionally suppressed, resulting in malicious prosecution. This allows the real perpetrator to escape justice, allowing them to continue their criminal activities, adding victims to their list, often with more brazen and violent behavior.

We believe that the real life stories posted on this website would have had a different outcome if all of them were diligently investigated and the evidence analyzed and presented by ethical, moral, competent attorneys or public defenders. At times, the truth to their innocence is suppressed and they are prosecuted for the sake of prosecution, defying logic and reasoning. We believe that the injustices in these types of stories would not stand up in the court of public opinion, or an impartial justice system, if they had been handled in the same manner as high profile cases. The court of public opinion would force our criminal justice system to a higher level of accountability, so that the innocent are not incarcerated, allowing the perpetrators to escape justice. Then, and only then, can justice prevail, and not be swayed by political motivations, racial or economic status.

We welcome stories, with documentation, to be posted. Please submit them through our contacts. There is also links to some resources posted, and we encourage people to review them for further assistance.

We have established the AWC Commissary, which the proceeds will be used to support the website and assist others financially when funds are available. You are also welcome to donate through PayPal.

Thank you, and we appreciate your support.

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