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  1. wreckandsalvage

    wreckandsalvage PRO IN, VT, and MI


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    Wreck & Salvage is: Erik Nelson, VT Adam Quirk, IN Aaron Valdez, MI We are three internet hobos riding the rails of digital refuse, navigating through the brambles, backwoods, and country roads. Huddled around this campfire we share stories of our journeys. We make videos from videos, from…

  2. kschaal

    kschaal Brooklyn, New York


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    Oh hello. I'm Kristen Schaal. I grew up in Colorado. I wanted to be either a Price Is Right model, or an epidemiologist. "I resist videotape in a way, but I think it's a really great medium. I would like to do something for videotape, I suppose." -Charles Ludlam

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