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Recently just completed a Film Production Technology Bsc (Hons) 1st class degree at Staffordshire University.

I am now looking for work within the visual effects industry and my main goal is to work as a compositor on feature films.


  1. VFX
  2. The Mill
  3. saeid samimi
  4. The Mill
  5. MPC
  6. Escape Studios
  7. Framestore Digital
  8. Richard Harper
  9. Amy-Louise Dearne
  10. Sara Jade Murphy
  11. James Walker Sieradzki
  12. Gareth Langford
  13. Robot Camel Films
  14. Joshua Orr
  15. Digital Sphere VFX
  16. moony
  17. DT3D Studio
  18. Tom Findlay Sykes

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