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Professional Mapping Projection & 3D Mapping, Vj sessions, 3D mapping, Interactivity, Motion Graphics & Photography.

Free Vj loops (download allowed), feel free to download and use them as you want!! Just contact me and tell me about your idea, please

I also sell Professional Loops for the VJ´s community around the world. That´s why you will see some kind of "Video Advertisement" on my stream from time to time. If are interested in purchasing some of my Vj Packs have a look here:
Resolume: resolume.com/footage/hallucinogene
VideoHive: videohive.net/user/catmac/portfolio.
Vj Loops: vjloops.com/index.php?user=8144&portfolio=1

Based in Madrid. Available for hiring and teaching.
BOOKING & PROJECTS: fernandezdiaz@gmail.com

web: vjcatmac.com
facebook: facebook.com/pages/Vj-Catmac/422371917865875?fref=ts
tel 00 34 661 132 980

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