Berkeley, California

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Being easy going and non-reactive is something I've worked on (and generally succeed at) over the years. Life seems to unfold in beautiful and unexpected ways when I stop fretting over how events should or should not turn out.

I believe every thought and action has a consequence whether noticeable or not. Therefore, these days, I cultivate self awareness and am more vigilant of my thoughts and actions than I used to be. In this sense, I feel I'm living more consciously - as opposed to unconsciously.

I see the world as magical and beautiful while simultaneously believing another - even more unimaginably enchanted reality - exists beyond the limitatons of our five senses..

No waking moment is ever mundane or uninteresting. Only people make it so by their dreary creations of artificial constructs like office cubicles, career ladders and office politics. But even then, we have the freedom to adjust our perception, to choose our destiny by paying attention to our actions and to engage in nonjudgmental contemplation.

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