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Adam is a director and producer of film, television, and other short-form content. Most recently he founded Resonance Interactive as a sister company for his feature film production company Resonance Pictures. Having completed several short form projects for clients who wanted to provide web-based video content and explore new modes of communication with an audience, and believing that the future of indie film is tied to content sharing and development through social media, a project like RI was inevitable. Adam's creative career began with various positions at NBC and MSNBC in the US and abroad before and after graduation from Harvard and Harvard Law. He spent several years covering politics and international affairs as a producer at MTV News & Docs, before leaving to direct and produce the critically acclaimed, award winning documentary feature UNSETTLED. Adam has covered stories for broadcast and print media in India, Cuba, and Israel, and South Africa, where he also worked in the South African Parliament's Justice Committee.

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