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Gary Vaynerchuk has captured national attention as a businessman and Internet celebrity. Gary’s fame can be attributed to his pioneering, multi-faceted approach to personal branding and business building. At a very young age, Gary took over the family business, a liquor store in New Jersey. Over a period of 6 years Gary and his father Sasha rebranded the business as Wine Library and transformed it from a local store doing roughly $4 million in sales annually to a $50 million national industry leader. The development of the Wine Library juggernaut reached its zenith on August 25, 2006 when Gary was featured with a caricature in the top left corner of the Wall Street Journal, a lifelong goal of Gary’s that he achieved before the age of 30! On February 21, 2006, Gary launched Wine Library TV (WLTV), a free daily video blog in which Gary tastes and reviews wines. Gary unleashed the same passion and gusto to building the WLTV brand (now affectionately known as “The Thunder Show”) that he had previously brought to his business, with even more far-reaching results. Gary made television appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Ellen Degeneres Show, and he has garnered widespread media recognition including features by the LA Times and Washington Post. In February and March of 2008, Gary became increasingly known throughout the Web 2.0 community. His remarks on branding within the social media landscape at FOWA, Strategic Profits, and South By Southwest occasioned praise from established web denizens including Kathy Sierra and earned the admiration of countless bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Gary even made headlines with an impromptu free wine party during South by Southwest. Ever the lover of community and humanity, Gary proceeded to launch @santagaryvee, a free merchandise service using the Twitter platform. Gary has always fancied the notion of becoming a social media sommelier, and is prepared to offer his services to make your business better. With the proper utilization of social media, brand building is simply a matter of passion, effort, and time. As the President of a major company and desired public speaker, there are many demands on his time, but Gary is willing to go to the mat and work to make things happen for anyone who really Brings the Thunder. Whether that means consulting on marketing strategies, sitting on a planning board, or just teaming up to hang out, Gary wants to find a way to help make things GO. If you’d like to work with Gary, send an email to P.S. Keep in mind, in the Fall in addition to his busy schedule you will also have to compete with his beloved New York Jets. You can learn even more about Gary V on Smart Brief.
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