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Porto, Portugal

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João Menezes is a sound and media artist, working at the intersection of sound, interaction and media. Having digital means as the core of his artistic process, João's work ranges from live music/theatre performances, Installations; to the development of unique audio software and sonic interaction devices. He is a regular collaborator on art-technology environments, such as Max MSP and the Jamoma platform, having developed several objects and modules which provide functions towards the data sonification, automatic music generation, computational geometry and physical computing fields.

João has been giving workshops and presentations in festivals, universities and conferences, such as: Code Control Festival, Get Set Art Festival, London College of Communication - University of the Arts London, Faculty of Engineering as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Leicester College, Artech - International Conference on Digital Arts, among others.

In 2010, concluded is BA in Electronic Music and Musical Production. In 2012, concluded is MSc in Interactive Music and Sound Design with high distinction from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Since 2010, he is an educator and software developer at Digitópia Collective, Casa da Música, Oporto. Nowadays, he balances his time between personal work, Digitópia Collective, collaborations and commissioned projects.

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