Kristaleigh Sanchez

Boulder, Colorado

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I love to ski

i love blue eyes

i fall asleep while watching movies

i want to move to Alaska

i love his rockstar breath

i don't share dairy products

i love snow

i love strangers with candy

i like ice cream

i am obsessed with being in the mountains

i love whiskey

i'm extremely ticklish

i'm addicted to music

i love my b & j

i'm always chewing gum

i love shopping

i hate pumping gas

i love geeky boys

i'm addicted to music

i hate waiting

i love live rock shows

i love the broncos

i don't use internet explorer

i love my lover

i don't own anything Apple

I love guns

i drink nitro tap beer

i love to hike

i like doing anything in the dark

i love public displays of affection

i love boulder

i love my friends they are amazing

i dont wear gold or diamonds

i love dogs

i like taking random pictures

i love tattoos but i don't have any

i only like odd numbers

i wish i was a super hero

i want to own a hybrid

i recycle everything

i love being in love

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