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My Name Is Tyrone Simon Young Jenkins,I Am The(CEO) Of Spirit Lead Productions,I've Produced A Few Artists Such As E.G.The Poet,My Son Oops(CEO)Of Real Music Entertainment,De'zha Kendall,And I'm Working With Many More,I Was Born On October 28th 1972,To My Mother Susie Gissendiner,And My Daddy Jessie Roy Drayton,And I Am The 9th Child Out Of My 10 Brothers And Sisters,I Was Born And Raised In Ruston Louisianna,And I Have Such A Big Family
My Mother Moved To Oakland California In 1976 When I Was Just 4 Years Old,I Started Writting Lyric When I Was In Jr.High School,I Was 15 Years Old,After My First Son Tyrone De'jon Jenkins Was Born,Thats When I Began To Devote My Time Into The Studio,My Older Brother Johnny Lee Jenkins Was My Real Inspiration In Doing Music,And Writing Lyric's,I Use To Watch My Brother Write Rap,And Do Music With His Friends,When I Was Younger I Always Looked Up To My Brothers,Since I Was The 2nd To The Youngest Son Out Of All My Brothers,I Use To Love All Kinds Of Rap Music,But Some Of The Things I Went Through In My Life,Changed My Way Of Writing Rapping,
I Now Rap And Sing Positive,Due To Being Incarcerated Multple Times,The Birth Of My 5 Children,And The Birth Of My Grand Children Changed Me As Well,
And Most Importantly,The Death Of My Older Brother,David Lee Caldwell,And My Older Sister Elnora Caldwell
After Going Through So Much,I Had No One Else To Turn To,Because I Just Was Tired Of The Way That I Was Living
I Found My Self In A Room Full Of Darkness,With No One To Talk To
But God
So I Turned Into My Bible And Study Everyday And Night,I Got Saved
I Changed My Life Style Of Living,I Also Change My Gangsta Rap Style,Into Positive Gospel Rap Lyrics
Telling My Brothers & My Sisters,The Lost And The Found
About The Way I Was Living In Sin,And How Much I Thank The Lord For Sending His Son Jesus Christ To Save Me
I Now Valve Life More,And Appreciate The Simplest Things In Life
I Go To Church On Every Day,And I Always Read And Study My Bible,The Word Of God
Try To Talk To People And Lead Every One In The Right Direction
And I Give Godly Advice To Every One
I Plan To Continue On With My Gospel Music,Because I Know In My Heart,This Is The Reason God Give Me This Gift
To Preach His Word Through My Lyrics,And To Give The World My Testimony
And I Believe By Faith In Keeping God First In My Life
Because God Will Bless You In Everything That You Do,When You Put Your Full Trust,
And All Of Your Heart In To His Kingdom,Because Nothing Is To Hard For God
Now In My Life,I'm Blessed To Bless Others With The Word Of God,Every Where That I Go,
And I Am On A Mission For Christ,Doing Gods Well,And Not My Own Well,
With My Music And With My Lyrics Hoping To Make A Change In This World,
I Have And Keep A Good Relationship With The Lord,And I Am Man That Believe In Giving All Of My Worries
To God
Prayer Always Changes Things,
In Every Situation I Give All Of My Worries And Problems To Jesus,
I Am A Deep Spiritual Man,I Live A Christian Life,And I Live For God Everyday
I Love The Lord With All Of My Heart,And I Always Ask My Self,Where World I Be,If It Wasn't For God?
I Just Cant Stop Praising And Thanking The Lord For Blessing Me With This Gift,
And So Many Other Blessings That God Has Blessed Me To Receive,Doing The Well Of God Is My Everyday
And I Know In My Heart,And By Faith,That The Jesus Christ Is In Control Of It All,I Had A Calling On My Life
And This Is What I Was Called To Do,And That Is To Spread The Word Of God,To All Of My Sisters And Brothers,
All Of Gods People
Psalm:100 Verse.1.2.3.,1.Shout To The Lord With Joy,Everyone On Earth.
2.Worship The Lord With Gladness.Come To Him With Songs Of Joy.
3.I Want You To Realize That The Lord Is God
He Made Us,And We Belong To Him.
We Are His People.
We Are The Sheep Belonging To His Flock..
Thank You All So Very Much,And God Bless All Of Gods People All Over The World Nationwide,I Love You All,And May God Bless All Of His People With His Divine Protection,And With The Holy Spirit Of Jesus Christ
Words My Mother Use To Always Say,Always Be A Blessing To Others,And God Will Always Keep His Eyes Up On You,Stay Blessed And Always Put God First,Much Love From Spirit Lead Productions,CEO Producer,Tyrone Jenkins,And Tate Music Group..2014


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