Ruben Malayan

Tel Aviv & Erevan

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Art director & CG/VFX supervisor

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  1. Sergey Kolesov
  2. Factory Fifteen
  3. Moя Планета
  4. Bot & Dolly
  5. Sarah Winter
  6. Typotheque
  7. Neil Cohen
  8. Armenotype
  9. Omer Ben David
  10. Brad Tobler
  11. NeoPixel
  12. Gravity
  13. Danny Yount
  14. Karen Abramyanc
  15. Ashot Gevorkyan
  16. Dor Shamir
  17. Arthur Lumen Gevorgyan
  18. Ayb Armenia

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  1. Beautiful work!
  2. Sergey, unbelievable. I realize my own problem, I am too stuck on detail, I must free myself of the academic approach, if I ever want to paint free... but its so hard, my hand wont let go... I learn a lot from this, thank you!