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Since a very young DJ Victor Manuel has been influenced by the different electronic sounds from around the world and hardly came to Bogota - Colombia his hometown where he met Alberto Ovalle and Andres Montel grew up with musically to form the collective and record label known today Hi White that has followers all over the world and those who enjoy their sessions with different contemporary rhythms that explode on the dance floor and makes his audience happy.
His published works are in growing admiration and followers for their sweet rhythms, melodic or harmonic voices that vary according to the style chosen for their sets. Their influences come from the amazing sound of the 80s Disco as Lips inc, Bonnie M, Donna Summer, Cher, among others, Dance to the music of various styles like Depeche Mode, Culture Beat, Eurythmics, Two unlimited, Milli Vanilli, Mc Hammer and a list that continues to reach their current idols like John Digweed, Sasha, Wisternoff, Boratto, Miss Nine, Howells, Masyello and other styles as The Swiss, From the ageofdisco, Medina, Duff Disco and many more are with us today in the various sessions that this young Colombian dj he shares with his Djs partners Montel and Ovalle.Vic-yourself

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