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‘Health For All’ is a group of health care professionals, students, and activists. We believe health is a fundamental human right. Health requires not only access to medical, mental health and dental care, but also full economic, social, environmental and political rights for all people. We call for universal health coverage and full regularization for all people to ensure health for all!

Health is a Human Right:
Canada is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenants of Human Rights, both of which safeguard the right of everyone to medical care and services.

Yet, those with precarious or no immigration status in Canada are systematically denied health security by federal and provincial legislation in contravention of the International Bill of Rights. In Ontario, people are denied essential health services daily. Due to restrictive and unjust immigration policies, ineligibility for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) or Interim Federal Health (IFH), fear of deportation, lack of transportation from workplace to clinic, lack of translation services and the 3 month waiting period that prevents new immigrants from receiving OHIP coverage, undocumented people are denied access to health services.

It is essential that OHIP cover all people, irrespective of Immigration status. We Call for Universal Health Insurance and Health for All!

Migrant Justice and Health:
Health is determined by more than access to medical care - the political, economic, social and environmental conditions that people live impact their health.

In Canada, there are over half a million undocumented migrants who are refused essential services everyday. An already broken immigration system is being further gutted by the Conservative government. In a time where people of colour earn 40% less than their white counterparts; where the number of immigrants who are poor has grown by 125%; where 60% of poor families are from racialized communities; where immigrants comprise 32% of the homeless, we are all too aware that the lived realities of migrants is grim and quickly worsening.

In the same way that the Conservatives have gutted our healthcare system, forcing hospitals and clinics to shut their doors to patients, they are swiftly gutting our immigration and refugee system. The ‘humanitarian’ part, the refugee process, is being dismantled and replaced by temporary foreign worker programs, designed to push migrants into more vulnerable, precarious and temporary jobs - creating a permanently temporary pool of exploitable people. Refugee acceptance rates have dropped each year, halved in the last two decades and Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, has declared another 60% cut this year. These changes will reduce access to health services while increasing poverty, homelessness, detentions and forced deportations. In the faces of these attacks on our healthcare system and communities, we must act together to demand justice and assert that health is a fundamental human right.

**We Demand the Full and Immediate Regularization of all Non-Status People and Health For All!**